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In these short videos, you’ll find out everything you need to know, about the Benedict Castle concourse in Riverside CA
Coming up this Sunday, April third 2016

See many other great Benedict Castle concourse video’s,

like Barry Meguiar’s Car Crazy Central one =D

Nicole Meguiar Northcote‘s Benedict Castle video giving you a tour of the grounds and the fun and entertainment the Teen Challenge of Southern California team have put together for your enjoyment throughout the day.

Customikes Benedict Castle concourse Coverage from 2015

Crossroads Car Shows Benedict Castle Concourse for Teen Challenge 3-15 shot by K. Mikael Wallin for Customikes all rights reserved

Benedict Castle Concours is THIS SUNDAY!

April Third 2016 from 10-4 in Riverside California.

Celebrity attendees include but are not limited to:

Bruce Meyer, Wayne Carini, Barry Meguiar, Chip Foose, Rick Dore, the Wheeler Dealers Mike Brewer and Edd China, Mike Phillips, Von Hot Rod, John D’Agostino, the Petersen Museum, the Nethercutt Collection, famous car builders, Ridler Winners, AMBR winners and so much more brought to you by Meguiar’s and Autogeek.

Crossroads Car Shows Benedict Castle Concourse for Teen Challenge

This is the show of the year! Don’t miss it. Go online to register or purchase tickets. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

History of the Benedict Castle =D

This awesome and charity based event is put on by Nicole Meguiar Northcote and Donovan Northcote of the Crossroads Car Shows fame, benefitting the Teen Challenge of Southern California.

Thank you to all involved for requesting Customikes Dream Team‘s participation in this world famous and exponentially growing Benedict Castle Concourse!!

Crossroads Car Shows Benedict Castle Concourse for Teen Challenge 3-15 shot by K. Mikael Wallin for Customikes all rights reserved-15-54

Thanks for hanging at Customikes =D

When I first saw the Morris Cowley I fell in love,not with what it was then though but with what I knew it could become!

Duncan has always wanted to attempt a roof chop and so he was more than willing to help me achieve my dream 🙂 Whilst a Morris Cowley is not everyone’s ideal donor car, it was cheap enough to enable Duncan to hone his skills on his first chop without being terrified of making those cuts!

Duncan is used to accident repairs and minor modifications but had not attempted anything as drastic as this before and so we asked Mike (Customike/K.Mikael Wallin) for advise. We were amazed when he offered to come help as he was having a stopover at Gatwick and would look to extending this for a few days.

Prior to Mike arriving Duncan had a lot of work to do as we planned to convert the car to 2-door and there was also copious amounts of repair work needed to the floor,sills and inner wings etc,etc……..!

Photographs were taken and shared with Mike as we planned the chop and so when we eventually sat in our lounge at 1 a.m.  a week ago the final plan was hatched on paper. Mike made short work of interpreting what I was after and I went to bed with sweet dreams .

A good mate ,Paul Murphy, was also keen to help Duncan and so with Mike’s great leadership skills my car started its transformation from an ugly duckling into what will be if not actually a swan then at least an ornamental duck haha!

DSC_0967  DSC_0005 before and after. 3 1/2″ were taken out of the front and 7 1/2 ” from the back.

Below are more shots of the work involved, fun times and development/adjusting of the build. Obviously lots of work still needs doing but amazing so far !

DSC_0146 DSC_0010   DSC_0022 DSC_0035 a Morris minor provided perfect curves to help shape the new roof line and we also utilised the rear window.DSC_0064 Local character provided by Pete Smith who couldn’t believe what he was seeing and thought we were insane!

DSC_0106DSC_0170DSC_006912319223_10206667976354544_1792843238_n 12270273_10206667977154564_418331637_n  DSC_005912305812_10206667976034536_412716785_n

oh and I had to finish with a shot of Duncan’s pet pigeon,Percy who just turned up at the workshop one day lol and now follows him everywhere hehe


Hope you enjoyed reading my very first blog 🙂 I will update the build progress so watch this space!! Mandy



My introduction to the Rooms of Hope organization was during a car club meeting I’m a member of by J.R. Rollins, an acquaintance who had been attending some of our events and meetings.

image courtesy of Rooms of Hope First Street Alehouse

Rooms of Hope First Street Alehouse

J.R. described to us how he had volunteered in the past and about Rooms of Hopes mission in helping children in the San Francisco Bay area that are seriously sick or with life threatening illness by raising funds to transform their bedroom, playroom or other refuge with a complete dream makeover.  This Non-profit (Sec. 501(c)(3) #46-5736906) utilizes a project manager and designer to capture the desires of the the intended child and then puts together a team of volunteers…. construction specialists from the trades, artists, local and national businesses and others passionate about making the kids visions become a reality.  Most of these kids are disconnected from normal daily activities due to medical, physical or immune restrictions.  These room transformations can offer a sense of hope, joy and healing once revealed to them.

Last month J.R. challenged some of us in the Pastimes Car Club  to join him in a beard growing contest put on by The First Street Ale House in Livermore California, their 8th, to raise funds for the Rooms of Hope.



Without much thought I stepped up and shaved that goatee I’ve had for over 25 years and signed up with J.R. for the six weeks of no shaving and fund raising.


Monies raised will go towards numerous projects  such as  Skylar’s, a six year old who has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and battling it with multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation to follow.  In my personal circles I’ve been exposed to few friends and acquaintances that have had some of the same troubles like these kids and think this is a very positive, heart warming and worthy cause to be a part of.  My hope is that when you see this it might bring out a desire to help me support this cause so that a few of these young kids can have a little bit of happiness during the chaos and battles they live with.  Last year over 45000 dollars was raised for the projects!

Then the magic happens…..on a designated date the teams and volunteers gather to perform the dream makeovers which usually take a couple three days with the results speaking for themselves.

Thank you for reading this and if you would like to participate in this fundraiser, please go here, the Rooms of Hope web page and , scroll down past the many beard growers to my name, Scott Strickland, where a donation can be made through my name directly to the organization .

Thank you!!


Story  by Scott “Scotto” Strickland

Images by Rooms of Hope, J.R. Rollings & Armi Strickland

Thanks for hanging at Customikes!!




Magical Mercury with a mouthful of world famous DeSoto grille teeth and buick headlights,… One of the ultimate kustom Merc’s that define our kustom kulture,… =D

You can own it as a print, phone cover, shower curtain etc. from your choice at Customikes Printshop =D

Thanks for your support and for hanging at Customikes!!

Even I get a lucky shot sometimes =D

Got invited to the prestigious Outriders Picnic in OC by Jim St Pierre

 While shooting I came across this incredible kustomized Lincoln Premier (56 I think) !!

As I walked around drooling at this radical kustom I caught this awesome reflection in the back of a 34 Ford sedan behind it. The paint work on this tudor was as flawless as a mirror. I’m uploading a different version below this one so you can see the full effect:

If you have a great reflection shot, please share it with us!!!

Thanks for hanging at Customikes =D

I know most of you, just like me,  remember exactly where you were on 9/11.

This is just a simple expression of the anger, sorrow and pride, that I have felt for many years,… Its a fleeting memory in history of time,… Sorrow for all those lost,…

Yet, we will never, ever, forget,.. no matter what you decide to do,… now or in the future,…

These images/ videos of lost love speak more, than any act of violence ever posted will,…


9:11 cry My feelings for those who gave it all can be felt in these few images. I wish I had the credits to give for their courage to capture these intense moments.

9:11 FireRescue1 May 11 · This photo still gives us the chills. A set of turnout gear for each firefighter lost on 9:11.9:11 the same time, how do you suppress a spirit that goes so far beyond any terrorist control….? 9:11.,.,



9:11 firefighter and flag



The vast majority will just never forget,… and be more ready and unified than  you can ever dream of…

Yes, the most miss attributed quote to Isoroku Yamamoto, Fleet Admiral and Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy is also one of the most profound,…

“You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”
Source: (

Even so, I have no doubt that he knew the true cost of entering the mainland of USA…

A raw but real perspective from  Darryl Worley

Toby Keith shows his support with:

Tim McGraw shows his support with: If You’re Reading This

Then theres the solid old classics like

Some are already with us:

Some feel strongly about our bond:

I do regret and feel for the many that felt the pain and loss of a loved one. On this day of strong and conflicted memories, I encourage all of you to stand for what you believe in!! Nothing will change this great country, unless you allow it….


Something to consider is, yet again, the fact that behind every blade of grass,… 9:11 Hero Giveaways

Soooo I end on Enya, without the gratuitous violence cause I can. Send me an email in contact us if this respectful tribute does not fit your needs.

Peace out….

Thanks for hanging at Customikes… Really wish that I  could smile as I write this,… You can make a difference,… Never forget…


Got some more training by the awesome Final Cut Pro X Team at Apple (Victoria Gardens) and re-edited the first WCK Cruising Nat’s video with my newfound skills.

I also added some voice overs, moved the music around and added some minor transitions.

Hope you like the new version. Open for feedback from you.

Moving on to the other 4 hours of video now for the next lessons…

Thank you to all that helped in any way!!

Your support are greatly appreciated!!!!


WCK Cruising Nationals Show in Santa Maria was a blast. Johnny handed me his GoPro Hero 3 and I started filming. These are some of the clips that I used after buying Final Cut Pro 3 days ago, followed by 2 hours of apple one to one time on basics. Hope you like it. I’ll get better at it as I go. We will be making many more videos utilizing Customikes contributing Dream Team Members shots and clips. Let us know what you think in the comments, but please respect our kid friendly environment.

Thanks for hanging at Customikes =D

Music attribution/s:

Track 1
Guitar blues rock
by alexx0069
CC Attribution (3.0)

Track 2
sloppy slide guitar blues
by shagrugge
CC Attribution

Track 3
Start Again
by Alex
featuring Snowflake & Subliminal
CC Attribution (3.0)

You can see the long WCK video trailer version here:

Thanks for hanging at Customikes =D

Kustom frenched in tombstone tail lamps in David E. Wilson‘s rad -40 Chevy coupe!!

More to come =D

Thanks for hanging at Customikes!!

Post by K. Mikael Wallin on behalf of


Customikes chopping and modifying David Wilson kool split window that he got from our mutual friend and Customikes DTM; Jim St Pierre

As many of you might have read before, We almost used it when we chopped Jim’s 49 Mercury coupe. In the end Jim decided he liked the Merc window better, so he gave this 1938 Hupmobile split window, selflessly to David for use on his top chop!!

When I put it up to see how it met the 40 Chevy lines, we ended up with similar issues as we did on the Merc. The window have kind of “sad eye” look and the bottom lip does not flow well with the Chevrolet lines,…. Hmmm what to do ?!!!

38 Hupmobile split window kustomization for David Wilson's 40 Chevy

38 Hupmobile split window kustomization for David Wilson’s 40 Chevy

Well since I’d already spent some time thinking about it during Jim’s chop, I went with a similar solution.  I took out an inch at each place with the blue tape showing, cut reliefs in the bottom center at the base of the center post. (Make sure you select areas that have the closest match in contour on each side of the cut to minimize your fit work)  Then we rotated and compressed the frames into submission while carefully, keeping all 5 pieces in alignment. Now we start tacking it back together, while constantly checking it against the ride to make sure we are accomplishing our goal.

38 Hupmobile split window kustomization for David Wilson's 40 Chevy

38 Hupmobile split window kustomization for David Wilson’s 40 Chevy

As you can see below, Its now chopped about an inch and have a pleasing flow with the Chevy’s roof lines =D

From here there’s many other boring grinding, shaping, straightening, shrinking/stretching, filling and sanding operations to complete the swap out during a chop top, which we might show some of later as we make David’s awesome  40 Chevy 5 window into a 3 window chop top kustom.

38 Hupmobile split window kustomization for David Wilson's 40 Chevy

38 Hupmobile split window kustomization for David Wilson’s 40 Chevy

We hope that this little article at least open your mind to other kustomizing opportunities which you might not have considered for your ride

Thanks for hanging at Customikes!!

Post by K. Mikael Wallin on behalf of

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